Why the heck am I doing Code Academy?

Code Academy Logo

I started Code Academy last week, not the traditional Ruby on Rails track that they offer, but the design track. On Monday nights we meet from 6-9PM to learn HTML and CSS. Then on Tuesday nights for another 3 hours we meet to dig deep into User Experience design. And after a week I’m a bit tired from the hectic schedule, but quite excited about what I’m learning.

So why am I doing this?

Well, for a couple of reasons. First, many moons ago I studied Management Information Systems (a mix of computer science light and business) in college and I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with not being hands-on in the world of programming and making things the last few years. This has grown to be more and more of a frustration as I’ve worked with the team in getting PVPower and SolarBear off the ground.

Second, I want to be able to make stuff. This is closely tied to #1, but a little different. I want to be able to make a prototype of our next marketing page, or interface design or even a one page website for my brother. Just something, I want to make something and this seemed like the next step.

So why Code Academy when there are so many books and online resources covering the same material? I’ve been excited about Code Academy since they launched a year ago, they seem to be executing very very well, with a high level of energy and authenticity, all things that are very important to me. Also, one of their mentors, Troy, is one of our mentors and biggest supporters through the years and I felt the need to further explore something he supports. I then attended their demo day a couple months ago and saw the energy and legitimacy of Code Academy first-hand.

I look forward to becoming much, much better at writing my own HTML and CSS and applying advanced UX design techniques to PVPower and SolarBear over the next 10 weeks.

Now off to do some homework before class…