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Google Docs, Major Upgrade (Or So They Say)

Today Google released details on an upgraded Google Docs platform and I’m hoping this means that three key shortcomings have been improved with this release. I’ve always had trouble with three things, hindering me from using Google Docs for everything, everyday:

1) Importing DOC and XLS files into Google Docs and retaining their formatting

2) Exporting these documents and retaining their formatting

3) Editing complex spreadsheets within Google Docs

The overview video below sheds some light on these shortcomings and seems to show hope. I haven’t fully tested Docs against these features yet, but my hopes are high. The idea of using a single, central place for all my documents, spreadsheets and presentations is fantastic and real time collaboration is a benefit you never knew you needed until you try it.

Today I use Google Docs for some simple spreadsheets, shared across a group and for collaboration on documents as they’re being created – these features are invaluable. If only Google Docs were more fluid with MS Office that would really accelerate the adoption of the platform.

Now if Google would just let me use a single login for all my Google accounts – gmail and business – it would truly be a one-stop-shop.

3 Ways to Improve Presentations via Fast Company

Three seemingly simple ways to improve your presentations, dramatically from Chip and Dan Health over at Fast Company. I especially love the drill example in #3.

1. Be Simple
2. Show Something
3. Tease Before You Tell

From my experience #1 is the lesson that people (including myself) need the most work on, it seems easy, but it sure isn’t.

Find the full article “Made to Stick – Presentations That Stick” here.