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The 6 Foundations of Digital Creative

I love this presentation. A colleague of mine (thanks Jordan) found this and shared it with the team. Every creative and media shop should have these six, what I’d prefer to call principals, in their back pocket when moving into an assignment and should always strive to one-up previous efforts. Obviously being squarely on strategy and accomplishing objectives is key, however these principals will get customers and potential customers there much quicker. And you’ll have some great work to show for it!

A bit of a cheat sheet, here are the 6 Foundations discussed within the presentation:

Ideas Should Be…

1. Interactive
2. Customizable
3. Contextual
4. Entertaining
5. Playable
6. Useful

This was originally presented at the AdAge 2010 Digital conference by Ashley Ringrose who runs BannerBlog. There are great examples, of yes banner ads, within the presentation – many of which are clickable. This ad from Nike has to be my favorite. The combo of unexpected entertainment and product exploration is great. Not an easy nut to crack.

Take note, gain inspiration and use these foundations as a guide to great digital ad work.