3 Ways to Improve Presentations via Fast Company

Three seemingly simple ways to improve your presentations, dramatically from Chip and Dan Health over at Fast Company. I especially love the drill example in #3.

1. Be Simple
2. Show Something
3. Tease Before You Tell

From my experience #1 is the lesson that people (including myself) need the most work on, it seems easy, but it sure isn’t.

Find the full article “Made to Stick – Presentations That Stick” here.


Hornitos Tequila – Digital & Social

Hornitos Tequila (Beam Global Spirits & Wine),  June 2009 – Current

“Hornitos Tequila – Getting Social”

In working with the Hornitos Tequila brand team in 2009 we developed a digital strategy to build upon a newly hatched brand campaign. The strategy focused on two key areas, first drive awareness of the brand through key branding elements and second, build a social media presence, using Facebook as the hub for campaign activity. Check out the active Facebook Page here.

Hornitos Facebook Fan Page

Hornitos Facebook Fan Page

To drive the awareness efforts high-impact rich media was developed, focusing on the bottle, the brand and campaign headlines. In working with the partner media agency we secured high impact placements on niche sites that catering to the target’s passion for music, nightlife, fashion and culture.

Hornitos Rich Media

Custom Rich Media for Pitchfork.com

On Facebook there was a need to not only build up Fans of the Hornitos Tequila page, but there was a need to drive engagement on a regular basis to remind people about Hornitos and build up a real personality for the brand through time. We determined working with a personality who tightly aligned with the target audience was the best route to take. We brought on a New York City scenester to post to the Hornitos Tequila Facebook page on a daily basis, sharing his latest music, fashion and art finds with Fans and promoting Hornitos events, cocktails and promotions.

Hornitos Facebook Program & Personalities

The "Mastermind" Acts as the Voice of Hornitos

As a socially-driven program should, this program remains alive today. Ongoing learning is occurring to refine areas of promotion, what’s being talked about and the content being created for Fans across the globe.

Facebook Become A Fan Ads

Facebook Ads Aided in Growth of Fan Base

Pick Your 5 Application on Facebook

Most Mischievious City? Facebook Promotion

Hornitos Listening Dashboard

Real Time Listening Dashboard to Gather Insights

Hornitails - Drink Recipe Wall

Drink Recipes - "Hornitails" on Custom Facebook Tab

Custom Video Placement

Custom Video Placement on blip.tv


Delta Faucet Company – Touch20 Launch

Delta Faucet Company

“Touch2O Kitchen Faucet Launch”

Delta was launching their flagship product, one sure to get a lot of attention from people – it was a kitchen faucet controlled by just a touch, rather than fiddling with handles and knobs as people are accustom to. To build upon a bold TV campaign we developed a series of online advertising, rich media and activities to let people experience this one-of-a-kind faucet, albeit digitally.

Delta Make A Mess Website Main Page

We developed a concept called “Make A Mess” where we invited people to make a mess via finger painting and use the Touch faucet to clean up their little mess. The experience was developed to live in a variety of places, including DeltaFaucet.com, rich media advertising, a BlackBerry application and an iPhone application.

Delta Make A Mess iPhone App

The experience has been a smashing success. With downloads in the tens of thousands and submissions to the online gallery surpassing expectations, people truly love to ‘Make A Mess’ and clean it up with Delta’s Touch faucet, delivering a product experience only digital media can.

Play with ‘Make A Mess’ – Website, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod Touch

iPhone App Screens

Delta Make A Mess Web App

Online Gallery of Submitted Paintings

Delta Make A Mess for BlackBerry Storm


Ball Park Franks – Hunger Digital Experience

Ball Park Franks

“MyHunger.com Digital Experience”

Ball Park Franks figured out that by targeting teens they had a chance of influencing the hot dog purchase decisions of their Moms. Traditionally hot dog brands targeted Mom, but Ball Park learned that moms want to please their teens and if the teen would just request Ball Park as their preferred brand Mom would oblige.

Click to View Demo Site

This opened up a huge opportunity for the web. We took at look at the behaviors of teens, specifically teen boys, and figured out they had a major hunger for content and entertainment, and they wanted it on their terms.  We took these insights and created an ADD-laden website that connected key media partners, creating a one-of-a-kind experience, blurring the lines of advertising and content.

Working with partners such as MySpace, YouTube, MTV, MTV2 and Heavy the experience used myhunger.com as the campaign hub. The website hub engaged teens through a crazy game-like experience and pushed them out to watch video and consume content at some of the top teen destinations on the web.

That wasn’t all, we developed mini-games that were available at myhunger.com and through embeddable widgets and through a mobile website – and this was before the iPhone! This was an experience that was ahead of its time, bringing together media and creative in a unique, non-linear fashion, but importantly pulling in teens to experience the world of myhunger and Ball Park Franks.


TresGeneraciones.com – Global Website

Tres Generaciones Tequila (Beam Global Spirits & Wine),  2009-2010

“History & The Next Generation”

Tres Generaciones, a super-premium and heritage-rich tequila needed to not only tell its story but also connect with today’s tequila aficionado in an impressive, powerful manner.

We worked with Tres Generaciones to develop the concept for their first ever global website, dubbed the “Family Tree” which takes visitors on a journey from the start of the Sauza family legacy through recognition of the modern day tequila drinker. From the time you enter the site sets up a journey from the roots of the family story, into the product, three variants, recipes and into the modern day recognizing successful professionals and showcasing branded events.

Check it out at TresGeneraciones.com

TresGeneraciones.com Homepage

"Family Tree"

Tres Generaciones Variants - Plata, Reposado & Anejo