Karma Police

My post on the3six5.com project from yesterday… cool project they have going on. Check it out….

Karma Police.

And I’m not thinking Radiohead here, more importantly life and USA soccer. To be perfectly clear I’m about as far from a soccer fan as you’ll find. Sure, I’ll watch a World Cup match or two if it’s convenient, but it has just never had the same place in my sporting ‘heart’ as football, hockey, basketball or baseball.

I digress. Karma Police showed up in a BIG BIG way for the US soccer team today. As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, Landon Donovan scored one of the biggest goals in US soccer history today with just 3 minutes and 15 seconds left in the match. And my take? Luck? Talent? Sheer will? No, team USA had it coming, this goal was inevitable.

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