Hornitos Tequila – Digital & Social

Hornitos Tequila (Beam Global Spirits & Wine),  June 2009 – Current

“Hornitos Tequila – Getting Social”

In working with the Hornitos Tequila brand team in 2009 we developed a digital strategy to build upon a newly hatched brand campaign. The strategy focused on two key areas, first drive awareness of the brand through key branding elements and second, build a social media presence, using Facebook as the hub for campaign activity. Check out the active Facebook Page here.

Hornitos Facebook Fan Page

Hornitos Facebook Fan Page

To drive the awareness efforts high-impact rich media was developed, focusing on the bottle, the brand and campaign headlines. In working with the partner media agency we secured high impact placements on niche sites that catering to the target’s passion for music, nightlife, fashion and culture.

Hornitos Rich Media

Custom Rich Media for Pitchfork.com

On Facebook there was a need to not only build up Fans of the Hornitos Tequila page, but there was a need to drive engagement on a regular basis to remind people about Hornitos and build up a real personality for the brand through time. We determined working with a personality who tightly aligned with the target audience was the best route to take. We brought on a New York City scenester to post to the Hornitos Tequila Facebook page on a daily basis, sharing his latest music, fashion and art finds with Fans and promoting Hornitos events, cocktails and promotions.

Hornitos Facebook Program & Personalities

The "Mastermind" Acts as the Voice of Hornitos

As a socially-driven program should, this program remains alive today. Ongoing learning is occurring to refine areas of promotion, what’s being talked about and the content being created for Fans across the globe.

Facebook Become A Fan Ads

Facebook Ads Aided in Growth of Fan Base

Pick Your 5 Application on Facebook

Most Mischievious City? Facebook Promotion

Hornitos Listening Dashboard

Real Time Listening Dashboard to Gather Insights

Hornitails - Drink Recipe Wall

Drink Recipes - "Hornitails" on Custom Facebook Tab

Custom Video Placement

Custom Video Placement on blip.tv