Excelerate Labs – The First 3 Weeks… Already?

I can’t believe that we’re in the third full week of Excelerate Labs, man time flies. Our company, PVPower, has been luckily selected as a participant in the inaugural class of the Excelerate Labs start-up incubator program in Chicago. So far it’s been an incredible experience.

Excelerate Labs

The incubator is being run by Sam Yagan of OKCupid and SparkNotes fame and Brian Luerssen of Hyde Park Angels, among others. There is a lot of leadership and support being provided by Troy Henikoff of Northwestern University, SurePayroll and OneWed, Sandbox Industries and Kapil Chaudhary of i2AFund. So far all of our colleagues in the program have been nothing but impressed by their organization, tynacity and connections. The third piece I mention is the key, connections. I’ve been blown away by the quality of people who have given their time and energy to this program. To coach our up-and-coming businesses, provide council, resources and advice – many of these things you couldn’t even buy, especially from people of this caliber.

I’m looking forward to the next 2.5 months of Excelerate Labs, it can only mean great things for PVPower and our future. Working with the folks we continue to meet and developing relationships is a lifelong value that I couldn’t be more thankful for.

If you’re a business leader, entrepreneur, investor, technologist, or simply a wise old (wo)man please drop Sam and Brian a note and let them know you’d like to participate, I’m sure at least one of the companies could benefit from your experience.

Excelerate Labs…
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