Delta Faucet Company – Touch20 Launch

Delta Faucet Company

“Touch2O Kitchen Faucet Launch”

Delta was launching their flagship product, one sure to get a lot of attention from people – it was a kitchen faucet controlled by just a touch, rather than fiddling with handles and knobs as people are accustom to. To build upon a bold TV campaign we developed a series of online advertising, rich media and activities to let people experience this one-of-a-kind faucet, albeit digitally.

Delta Make A Mess Website Main Page

We developed a concept called “Make A Mess” where we invited people to make a mess via finger painting and use the Touch faucet to clean up their little mess. The experience was developed to live in a variety of places, including, rich media advertising, a BlackBerry application and an iPhone application.

Delta Make A Mess iPhone App

The experience has been a smashing success. With downloads in the tens of thousands and submissions to the online gallery surpassing expectations, people truly love to ‘Make A Mess’ and clean it up with Delta’s Touch faucet, delivering a product experience only digital media can.

Play with ‘Make A Mess’ – Website, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod Touch

iPhone App Screens

Delta Make A Mess Web App

Online Gallery of Submitted Paintings

Delta Make A Mess for BlackBerry Storm