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Ball Park Franks

“ Digital Experience”

Ball Park Franks figured out that by targeting teens they had a chance of influencing the hot dog purchase decisions of their Moms. Traditionally hot dog brands targeted Mom, but Ball Park learned that moms want to please their teens and if the teen would just request Ball Park as their preferred brand Mom would oblige.

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This opened up a huge opportunity for the web. We took at look at the behaviors of teens, specifically teen boys, and figured out they had a major hunger for content and entertainment, and they wanted it on their terms.  We took these insights and created an ADD-laden website that connected key media partners, creating a one-of-a-kind experience, blurring the lines of advertising and content.

Working with partners such as MySpace, YouTube, MTV, MTV2 and Heavy the experience used as the campaign hub. The website hub engaged teens through a crazy game-like experience and pushed them out to watch video and consume content at some of the top teen destinations on the web.

That wasn’t all, we developed mini-games that were available at and through embeddable widgets and through a mobile website – and this was before the iPhone! This was an experience that was ahead of its time, bringing together media and creative in a unique, non-linear fashion, but importantly pulling in teens to experience the world of myhunger and Ball Park Franks.